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Part 'P'

  What is Part P?

Part P is an electrical safety law within the Building Regulations and was introduced by the Government on 1st January 2005.

What is the Aim of Part P?

The aim of Part P is to further enhance the protection of homeowners, improve electrical safety in the home and prevent life-threatening accidents which are caused by faulty electrics.

What will happen if I donít have Part P?

If homeowners do not have Part P approval, they may face problems when trying to sell their home.
It is a criminal offence to carry out DIY electrics that do not comply with Building Regulations and can lead to a maximum fine of £5,000.

What work must be done by a qualified electrician?

The law requires an electrician registered with a Government-approved scheme, such as NICEIC to carry out most electrical work in the home, and once the work is finished, provide you with Part 'P' approval.
DIY electrics must never be implemented in high risk locations such as kitchens, bathrooms and gardens. Unless the homeowner is only replacing accessories, the electrical work MUST be undertaken by a registered electrician or notified to building control.

What work can Homeowners do by themselves?

Homeowners can only carry out DIY electrics if they can inspect and test that it is safe for use. To comply with the law, homeowners must notify their local building control office before any work is carried out and pay the appropriate fee for an inspection.
The requirements of Part 'P' apply to most electrical work in a home, however there are certain relaxations that apply for minor work. Minor Work is electrical work that does not involve:
1. The addition of a new circuit.
2. Requiring the help of a professional and registered electrician.
3. Requiring notification to the building control office.
All electrical work must comply with BS 7671 of the Wiring Regulations.





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